1260 Round Crate - 7.62x39 M67 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugoslavian Military Surplus Ammo

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1260 Round Crate of  7.62x39 Non-magnetic Copper FMJ Brass Case Corrosive Yugoslavian Surplus Ammo in the original wood crate for sale at SGAmmo.com. This ammo is mostly 1990s vintage Yugoslavian with a chance at 1970s, 1980s or 2000s in the mix. Yugoslavian 762x39 is some of the finest surplus ammo in this caliber and features brass cases, Berdan corrosive primers and projectiles that are copper jacketed lead core and totally non-magnetic for range-safe shooting at most indoor ranges. If you were looking for the best surplus 7.62x39 ammunition for your AK-47 then the Yugoslavian is one of the best choices because it is true mil-spec, sealed primer and projectile, brass case, truly built for combat in unforgiving battlefields and just a tad hotter of a load than the typical steel case options. Please note that while the vast majority of this ammo will come in the sealed tin within the crate there is a chance at receiving tins that have been opened within the crate