40mm M781 Chalk Rounds with Blanks Included (25 round case)

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40mm M781

NOTE:  This particular 40mm ammo does not have the primers installed and therefore they are not regulated by the ATF as a FEL item, in other words anybody 21+ years old can purchase without any paperwork.  Blanks / Primers are included with purchase. 

A practice round—used in grenade launchers such as the M79, M203 and M320 — with a powder-dye filled projectile that marks the point of impact during training.


  •  1310-01-211-8073
  •  40mm M781, 40mm Practice Cartridge Low Velocity
  •  A white to tan plastic base with a blue plastic nose cone
  •  The M781 is a training round to be used in the M203 or M79 40mm grenade launchers. It is designed to train soldiers to fire the M433 Low Velocity HEDP round. Upon impact of the 40mm M781, a signal (cloud) is seen from yellow-orange powder dye.
  •  240-250 fps
  •  240-250 fps
  •  1.8 – 2.8
  •  206-209 grams
  •  172-173 grams
  •  White Plastic Base (M212), Zinc Single-cavity Cast, Blue Plastic Nose Cone. The majority of the projectile’s weight is from a zinc part. The propellant charge is contained within a 38 S&W case inserted into base case (M212).